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dangerous that rescue was. >>> tougher security measures for air travelers coming into the united states. we'll have more on that up. >>> heading higher. the dow finishing up with 155 points to close in at 10,583. nasdaq climbed 85 points and they rose 17. >>> we have breaking news on convicted september 11 conspirators. he is serving life in prison. >> fighting even tougher security for flights. new security measures are now in affect in 14 countries, following the failed airline attacks on christmas day. janet troy has the latest from newark airport. >> pat downs, full body scans, and hand checks of luggage. travelers from 14 countries, including yemen, nigerian, and saudi arabia are encountering tougher new security screenings for flights to the united states. >> and it is difficult, but we have to do it. >> in newark, they say that security is very tight every step of the way. >> if they went through all of the carry-on suitcases, everything was opened up. and they just had a sound that was very thorough. >> reporter: the new measures following an attempt to blow up the airport on chris
with aig. >> united states of america should never have let institutions like aig take on a level of risk that could threaten the financial system. >> the government gave aig more than $180 billion so it could remain financially solvent. >>> and speaking of wall street, stocks close up higher today. the dow is up 41 points to end the day at 10,236. the nasdaq climbed 17 points. the s & p 500 was up just over 5. >> apple ceo, steve jobs unveiled the ipad today. the device that is described as an iphone on steroids comes with the price tag that is far below what some analysts were expecting. alexis has more. >> apple promised its tech loving fans, this one will be a game changer. ceo, steve jobs unveiled the long awaited tablet. it's called the ipad. starting at about $500 and due to arrive in late march. >> that's what it looks like. >> design is close to an iphone, but bigger. about 10 inches with a life size keyboard. it offers more advance platforms for apps, videos, and games, and it's an electronic book reader. >> it's so much more intimate than a laptop and it's so much more cap
, they are more drowsy accidents than drunken accidents in the united states. 100,000 crashes a year. >> reporter: so what if you have lost control of bedtime in your household? the top advice, make bedrooms on the unplug zones, no aced pods, no cell phones, even computers after the certain time of night. they need to set the bedtimes for younger children and teens and to stick to them. plus, try to keep the same sleep and the wake schedule day in and day out. you and your kids will be surprised how much better you feel. thank you for joining us for 9news now at five. 9news now at six starts right now. >> from the first local station with the news from the high definition. and this is 9news now. >>> getting it to the tens of thousands of people that are suffering. and apparently growing desperate. american troops are trying to restore order it in port-au-prince. but eluders are increasing the out of control, scattering the crumble buildings. the former president clinton and their daughter are in haiti tonight to get a firsthand look at the situation. he and the former president, george w. bush ar
trials from anyone in guantanamo to any court in the united states of america. >> reporter: the federal court is within three blocks of where the world trade center towers once stood. they are not saying where a trial might be held instead but there is speculation it could be outside of a courtroom, maybe near a military base. >>> it will be a new day for walter reed. that was the theme during a special organized tour of walter reed army medical center before the grounds are redeveloped. members of the public , city council and other officials started to visit the wagner sports center, the first thing they went to. one of the campuses newest buildings. here's a little history from one of the organizers. >> it was dedicated to lieutenant colonel karen bagger in. there's a plaque outside. she was a former member of staff here at walter reed and she was killed in the pentagon on 9/11. >> reporter: council mebosser helped to organize the tour. she plans a series of walter reed town hall meetings throughout the year. >>> there were hugs, kisses and long good-byes today at andrews air force b
an african-american candidate for the united states, trust me, this chairman and the dnc would be screaming for his head. >> reporter: republicans argue there is a double standard in washington when it comes to race. they point to the controversy that cost their own former senate majority leader his job. in 2002, lott praised senator strom thurmond's 1948 segregationist presidential campaign. lott was forced to resign his leadership post, but bet commentator johnson says the situations don't compare. >> what we heard on the other side with trent lott was about seeing a system maintained that decking regated a segment of people. >> reporter: reed may survive the controversy for now, but it promises to only complicate what was shaping up to be a tough reelection battle in november. and with health care and other issues still undecided on the hill, the white house is eager to move on from this out of political necessity as well. . the president quite frankly needs harry reid here to help with his initiatives. live on capitol hill tonight, i'm joel brown. leslie, back to you. >>> thanks for tha
. preeminent in the field, in the world. so we are very lucky to have them here in the united states and lucky to be able to deploy them on behalf of the u.s. government. >> some of the rescuers were also deployed to haiti last year for a school collapse. >> we sent sky nine to baltimore today where the navy hospital ship has been activated for a possible trip to that region. hundreds of medical staffers are ramping up to go with it to help. the ship is tied up at a birth in baltimore's harbor and that is where scott broome joins us live via skip tonight, scott. >> as you can imagine, the mood here literally changed overnight, from the normal skeleton crew, which is getting ready to go, to immediate preparations to deploy if and when that order comes. >> it's not official, but word on the docks is the comfort will be ready to sail by sunday night or monday morning. maintenance workers buzzed around the ship today as the order to activate for possible deployment came from the u.s. military sea lift command. >> on our way back. >> what are your thoughts about that? >> actually, that is ju
is reporting. >>> still to come on 9news now, a better life for 53 orphans that arrived in the united states today. we'll have more on their story coming up at 5:30. you can get the latest news and the relief information for them on >>> and a 5.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the cay men island -- cammen islands rattled nerves. centered about 600 miles west of hay knee, no one hurt -- haiti, but no one hurt. >>> back here in our area, some winter weather could be headed back this way. topper, we were just getting used to this mild stuff. >> i know. hard to believe. temperatures today in the upper 50s. the warmest day. for tonight, not too bad. actually partly cloudy and just chilly by january's standard. low temperatures in the 30s. right around freezing for them. downtown light northwesterly winds. temperatures right now if you're headed out, still very nice. check this out, 5 at national, are you kidding me? 51 at fredericksburg, 59 at quantico. and out towards frederick and cumberland. not one but two winter chances of precipitation. we'll tell you when and how much of
there are no manufacturing jobs left in the united states. >> reporter: 2 million manufacturing jobs have been lost since 2007. 6million more have been lost in other industries. the great recession has obliterated a decade's worth of job growth. >> we have never seen anything like this in modern times. >> reporter: heidi is a labor economist. >> right now we are in this extremely deep hole and all signs point to it is going to take a very long time to get recovery. >> reporter: preparing the damage will require investments in innovations that create good paying jobs. >> this is an income when you put it onto glass will absorb the photons from the sun and turn it into electricity. >> reporter: this company which makes low cost solar panels has quickly expanded to 70 employees. but while the europeans have pumped $1 billion into industry research the u.s. has done nothing. >> we are behind. >> reporter: and american jobs are at stake. >> this industry could be bigger than the silicon based industry. >> reporter: time is running short. tonight on the cbs evening news with katie couric we will look at strate
was crying subsequent for sterly who seemed bewildered by his first day in the united states. plucked from his ruined homeland of haiti. >> miraculously where he was living, was untouched. in this little community, not a brick out of place. >> they have been trying to adopt him over the past year after finding him at an orffage build by park valley church in hay market where larry warren is a pastor. >> on tuesday when the second earthquake hit, it was 6.1. we were 80, 90 miles away. we felt it. it was at that point we said we have to do everything we can to get sterly home. >> we all have a strong faith in god and we knew he would get us through this. we had a lot of road blocks and bends in the road but each time god has been there, and god is true. this is a culmination of all of god's work. he's home, he's here. >> sterly's mom is only 14 and couldn't take care of him but the warrens will make sure he knows who his biological mother is and they plan to go back to haiti for regular visits. >> i am so thankful. i know there are a lot of parents who can't take their kids home. i just ask
that killed more than 5,000 kurds in 1988. >>> the most wanted man in the world is threatening the united states again. >> with god's will, our attacks on you will continue. >> on a new audiotape, osama bin laden is also taking credit for the failed christmas day attempt to blow up a plane over detroit. the al qaeda leader says it was supposed to inflict the same kind of terror as the 9/11 attacks. the tape is yet to be verified. but if it is in fact bin laden, experts say the message is his attempt to stay in the spotlight. >>> this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over on audiotape because he is nothing but a cowardly murderous thug and terrorist. >> bin laden's message comes at a time when much of the world is already on edge. the u.s. recently issued tougher airport screening procedures. and just last friday, britain raised its terror alert to the second highest level, meaning an attack is highly likely. >>> still to come on 9 news now, scott has returned from haiti and joining us live in the studio to share what he saw on the ground and aboard the u.s. naval ship the comfo
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10